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Spring Cleaning

The Second Most Important Thing in Real Estate

A 12 Step Program

  • Power Wash Porches, decks, walkways, get rid of the winter’s worth of mold, mildew and dirt
  • Clean kitchen thoroughly including cabinets, use Old English scratch cover if they are wood, touch up with paint any gashes or marks
  • De-Clutter all rooms, and put away most of the knick-knacks and personal items
  • Clean and organize the garage
  • Clean out closets and organize, make your shelves look like the shelves at your favorite department store, line up sweaters, sweatshirts and T shirts
  • Throw out and donate excess closing, kitchen gadgets, and old unused furniture in attic, Habitat, Salvation Army, and Domestic Violence Shelter will take anything
  • Repaint the front door if necessary
  • Freshen up mulch beds, add flowers at front door
  • Vacuum wood and other blinds and shutters, special attention to ceiling fan blades
  • Clean out the refrigerator, ovens and microwave
  • Change filters in HVAC returns
  • Put fresh towels in all bathrooms, clean out the grout lines if the tile is older, hire a tile man if you can’t do it yourself.
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