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Landfall Golf Rave

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In the most recent issue of Sporting News, Beth Ann Baldrey, their senior reporter who covers women’s golf, gave her top 10 list of memories from the NCAA women’s championships over the past decade.  Number 1 on that list was the tournament two years ago held at Landfall!  She noted positively the Dye course, where the championship was held, and indicated that the support from the community (Landfall and Wilmington) was exceptional and made for a great playing environment.

She ended by saying she really hopes the tournament returns, as soon as possible.  Congratulations to all who made the event so memorable, volunteers and spectators alike.  We can all hope for a return engagement.

Welcome to Amy!

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Landfall Realty is pleased to let our followers know that Landfall Realty has a new agent in training, Amy Neathery.   Amy and her husband, who works at PPD, are Landfall residents.    With real estate activity being high all this year,  the time was right to bring in a fresh younger person to complement our  very experienced staff, to ensure that our customers get the attention needed at all times.  Amy is now learning all we can teach her about Landfall (and there is a great deal to grasp); we will let you know when she transitions to full active duty.  Please come by and meet Amy; we are sure you will agree she is a great addition.

A Good Week!

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Landfall Realty participated in negotiating and procuring 4 Landfall contracts this past week, and another couple appear to be nearing the contract stage.  Martie Davy was the agent involved in three of the sales, all homes, in one of her busiest weeks ever!   2012 started stongly, and momentum is building.  Buyers are still seeking good values and bargains, but there are quite a few prospective Landfall buyers out there recognizing the value of a fully completed, mature and financially sound community.   The mood of the Landfall prospect is definitely more positive than in the past few years.