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Sell Your Home With the Landfall Sales Team

When it comes to selling your home, it’s important that your aspirations are realized, your time is valued and, to the maximum extent possible, your privacy is protected.

The Landfall Sales Team will place your unique home in front of a qualified audience of homebuyers through a marketing program that focuses on exposing buyers to your property.

Many real estate agencies dedicate their marketing dollars locally even though most buyers are not local. Landfall Realty, guided by knowledgeable consultants with experience in marketing and in procuring purchasers, expends a large proportion of its marketing budget exposing Landfall to a national market.

The sales team lives, works and plays at Landfall and can best represent you and your needs while expertly showcasing what makes the Landfall Community so special. We combine honest and clear communication with sophisticated management skills to maximize the likelihood that your property will sell in a reasonable time for an attractive price.

“Landfall Realty carefully allocates its marketing dollars among a number of venues, including trade shows, internet sites used frequently by those seeking to move south, and more traditional sponsorships and print. Our mission is to identify qualified buyers and persuade them to visit Landfall on our Discovery Package so they can personally learn how special the Landfall experience is. We believe we know just about everything that can be known about Landfall real estate and the lifestyle here, as this is the only community we serve.”

— Alison Bernhart

Landfall Realty’s long-time General Manager, Ken Kirkman, is an experienced real estate attorney with over thirty years of sales management experience in some of the largest and most successful coastal North Carolina communities. Since transactions in sophisticated communities like Landfall often require transaction specific contractual language, which real estate agents are not legally permitted to do, having such a resource as part of our Landfall Sales Team is a benefit that comes to you as part of the services provided by our team.