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A savvy buyer knows how important it is to select the best real estate agent to assist in the search for a great home.

A real estate transaction is far more than showing a home or home site, which any licensed agent can do.

An agent has to learn and understand their client; determine which properties from the many that are available best suit the needs and personality of the client; help the client evaluate the value of possible purchases; analyze the long term marketability of the properties under consideration; assist with contract drafting and negotiation; help coordinate inspections and repairs once a contract is signed; and coordinate with the buyer’s attorney all the information necessary for closing.

Landfall Realty has the knowledge and experience to make this complicated process efficient and, if possible, enjoyable.

“Let our team be an integral part of your H.O.M.E search – Happiness -Ownership-Memories-Everything.  Since Landfalls inception our team has been selling within our gates and can provide unmatched experience and knowledge.”

-Kelli Lazzaro

Landfall Realty has been selling Landfall since the inception of the community over 30 years ago. It has been involved in thousands of transactions in the community, far more than any other agency. Its current agents live, work and play in Landfall, and thus understand the numerous categories of membership in Country Club of Landfall, the nuances of dues and responsibilities for some 20 neighborhood property owner associations, and the history of most of the properties in this outstanding development.

Real estate transactions are becoming increasingly complex. Landfall Realty’s General Manager, Kenneth Kirkman, is not only an experienced real estate attorney, but also was the General Manager for the developer of Landfall for much of its period of development. While not a substitute for engaging your own attorney, he is able to give counsel to our agents regarding contracts and issues that require both legal and creative problem solving, often moving transactions along quicker and more cost effectively than would otherwise be possible.

Landfall is a great place to live, but it is a complex community in which to learn all of its structural nuances. There is a reason that not infrequently outside agents call our agents for maps or information. If you want to pick the best home for you in Landfall, for good value, in the right neighborhood for you and your family, while minimizing after closing surprises, call Landfall Realty.

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