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What’s My Home Worth?

Property Value Estimates You Can Count On. A Sales Team You Can Trust.

You and the sales team share the same goal: to sell your home for the highest price feasible.

To arrive at an asking price, several factors must be considered.

These include the property’s condition and location, the financing terms available to a buyer, the number of competing properties currently offered for sale and an inside knowledge of the actual selling price of comparable properties. The Landfall Sales Team’s comprehensive knowledge of all comparable sales will result in an evaluation that will provide you the best basis for pricing your property at the optimum level to encourage showings while not leaving dollars on the table.

“We know the Landfall market inside and out—it is our focus every day of every year, since it is the only location we sell. We work hard to get the highest price the market will bear for you.”

— Karen Thompson

In the market today, the sales process is far from over when a buyer is found for your home.

The buyer has a period of time after negotiating all terms and conditions, called the due diligence period, to confirm or reject the contract. During this period numerous inspections of both the land and the home itself will be scheduled and, as is often the case, unforeseen issues arise which require some renegotiation. Coordinating this process and working to maintain the transaction through closing is often the most difficult period for a seller and the most time consuming for your listing agent. The Landfall Sales Team sells only within Landfall. They do not make appointments or spend time traveling throughout the region. As such, the Landfall Sales Team minimizes this difficult period, shouldering much of the time burden and coordinating the scheduling of the inspections to best meet your needs.

From the initial, non-binding listing visit to the pricing evaluation and marketing, all the way through the contracting, due diligence period and closing, you have the complete and undivided attention of not only your listing agent, but the entire Landfall Realty team—a team unmatched in focus and experience.