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Searching the Web

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For those of you who have not yet tried when you are searching for a specific answer to a factual question, give it a try.  The program searches its data base for a specific answer to a question, and does so very quickly.  Demographics, math computations and geographic facts are just a few of its fields.  An amazing software program that will only get better.  Be sure to try the tutorial.

Foreclosure Rumors

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We at Landfall Realty have received numerous calls regarding the “”32 foreclosed properties” in Landfall.  We have carefully checked the public records, and have found only about half a dozen recent foreclosure proceedings involving Landfall real estate, a very small number considering the 2000 or so properties within Landfall NC.  As always, rumors seem to appear from nowhere, and can be taken over time as fact.  Landfall Realty tries to stay on top of our market condtions, and we are happy to discuss any rumor you hear.  Give us a call.

Landfall Real Estate Forum

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In February, Landfall Realty hosted a property owner forum where I presented information regarding the real estate economy  generally, with its impact on Landfall real estate in particular.   I appreciate the several attendees who later contacted me to let me know how imformative they found the program.   Some of the owners that attended have asked for an update, and others, not in attendance, have requested another forum.  We are tentatively thinking of scheduling another get together in July.   As always, questions will be welcome.  If you have any suggestions as to what information would be of value to you, let me know.   After the first gathering, several attendees offered to buy me a drink, but the club bar was closed.  We will try to pick a day in July where that will not be a problem.