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Food Truck Rodeo

A Food Truck Rodeo is taking place tonight at Landfall! Consisting of numerous food trucks and a concert the Food Truck Rodeo is sure to be a fun event. From 5-8pm the food trucks will be in the Country Club of Landfall parking lot, which is perfect for enjoying the gorgeous fall weather. There will be a large assortment of food thanks to the numerous food trucks that are taking part in the rodeo. Food trucks that are coming tonight include Wilmywoodie Pizza, Joe Loves Lobster, T’Geaux Boys, Bubba & Finns Dole Treats, A&Ms Red Food Truck, 2 Bros Coastal Cuisines, and more!

Additionally, there will be a concert featuring Bibis Ellison. The concert will take place from 7-10pm at the Landfall Clubhouse tent.

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