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Tips for Home Sellers

If you are considering placing your Landfall NC  home on the market for sale, there are a number of  mistakes you don’t want to make, yet which are common.  Some of these are:

1) Don’t think your home is special, and thus immune to normal market conditions.  Most everyone in Landfall has a special home.

2) Don’t ignore what your sales associates tells you about what has sold, and for what price. 

3) Don’t fail to make needed repairs.

4) Don’t show a cluttered home.

5) Don’t be in the home during showings.

6) Don’t take negotiations or offers personally.  Remember, this is a business transaction to your prospective buyer.  You have no obligation to accept any offer below your asking price, but always respond professionally; you might be surprised by the prospect coming back at a latter date with a better offer.

Your Landfall Realty sales agent is always pleased to help with all components of the listing and sales process.

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