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The Economics of Golf

With the current economic recession resulting in governments at all levels seeking new revenue sources, an examination of the economic impacts of golf in North Carolina is warranted.  According to Carolinas Golf, the Carolinas Golf Association magazine, there are about 558 golf courses in North Carolina, including those in Wilmington.  Those courses provide around 70,000 jobs and generate $1.7 billion in wages.

Surprisingly, the revenues of golf facilities (about $1.03 billion) is about equal to revenues generated by auto racing, football, basketball, baseball and soccer facilities combined.  It is no wonder that those involved in the golf industry are asking participants to contact their legislators with objections to proposals to tax those that play the game.

Real estate owners in Landfall NC know, golfers and non-golfers alike, how important golf is in our community, providing not only recreation, but beautiful open spaces as well.   The health and growth of the game benefits all of us.

Kenneth M. Kirkman

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