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The Cameron Art Museum

The Cameron Art Museum, one of Wilmington’s premier art museums, always has exciting new exhibits for guests to view. One current exhibit that lasts until September 11th is “She Tells a Story”. This exhibit, which is done by all women artists, is a combination of visual art by 52 women and written art by 14 Wilmington-area writers who wrote about the visual pieces.

Another exhibit is “Patchwork North America” by Virginia Wright-Frierson. Wright-Frierson has created over 100 paintings that make it seem like the viewer is seeing the painting through at window.

“Unbound Narrative” is an exhibit that runs through January and is about artists, who use books to document, communicate, and understand the details of human existence. This format is becoming increasingly popular with artists. In addition to these exhibits there are programs and events happening all the time. For more on the museum and everything is has to offer visit their website

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