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Tesla Motors at Landfall Realty

Tesla Motors are back! This Saturday, October 17, from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm Tesla Motors will be at the Landfall Realty Office. After last years large turn out for the test-driving event, Landfall Realty decided to host the car company again.

Tesla cars are premium electric vehicles with high-end technology. Tesla is known for being innovators always on the leading edge of new car trends. Some features their cars include are the autopilot mode where the car automatically follows the road and varies its speed to match the flow of traffic, autopilot parking, automatic lane changing by tapping the turn

Last years Tesla event with Landfall Realtor Jim Coley.

Last years Tesla event with Landfall Realtor Jim Coley.

signal, and a safety warning which warns you when approaching a stopped car too quickly or merging into an occupied lane. Not only are Tesla Motors advanced, but they have the highest safety rating in America. The Model X, the newest addition to the Tesla family, is the company’s first SUV.

Come join us Saturday for a test drive and refreshments at the Landfall Realty Office located at 1720 Drysdale Drive.

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