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Again a group of more than 100 Landfall residents attended the recent year end real estate forum hosted by Landfall Realty, at Country Club of Landfall.  Ken Kirkman, general manager, gave Landfall sales information from 2011, and previewed his take on the market for 2012 and beyond.

2011 will see just over 100 real estate transactions in Landfall, a good showing in the continuing housing slump,  Landfall Realty’s market share has increased over 2010, resulting in a profitable year.  Howvever, the demand remains much stronger in homes $600,000 and under, and weak in the $1,000,000 and over price range, although the year has seen a few sales of high end properties.

2012 looks to be more of the same, with it unlikely that prices will rebound significantly in the next couple of years, as nationally the market continues to be a buyer’s market.  While Landfall has little foreclosure problem, the fact that there are over 2 million foreclosures nationally in the pipe line will keep prices from increasing materially.  It is a great time for buyers, not so good for sellers.  Fortunately, Landfall, as a mature community, with all amenities completed, and with an upscale club with little debt, remains well positioned to do better than most planned communities.

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