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Pier-to-Pier Swim

This Saturday at Wrightsville Beach is the 3rd Annual Pier-to-Pier Swim race. Swimmers start at Crystal Pier and swim to Johnny Mercers Pier and back, swimming just under 2 miles. The race starts at 9:00 AM, when hundreds of swimmers splash into the ocean. The race is in honor of Grey Liston who died in 2013 in a mountaineering accident. Liston was member of the Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue team for 4 years and swam for the UNCW Seahawk’s swimming and dive team. Proceeds from the Pier-to Pier Swim go to the Grey Liston Scholarship in Athletics Endowment Fund, which benefits a deserving UNCW swimmer or diver. This Saturday, enjoy a morning at the beach, and cheer on these athletes who are swimming for a good cause.

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