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Landfall Realty’s Tip of the Day!

Here is a tip to get the musty/damp odor out of your home after a lot of rain.

-Remove filters from all return vents

-Turn the fan to the “on” position rather than “auto” on your thermostat

-With the fan running spray Lysol for about 30-45 seconds in the return vent. You should be able to see the Lysol being pulled in the vent and smell it throughout the home. Make sure Lysol penetrates all duct work

-Turn the fan back to the “auto” position. You don’t want the fan running too long in the “on” position since the Lysol needs to remain in the duct work to help reduce any mold or mildew that may be in the system.

From Landfall Realtor, Jim Coley

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