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It’s Time for a Tackle Box Tune-up in Wilmington, NC

As an avid angler living in Landfall, NC who fishes in all conditions, I sometimes do have to cancel a fishing trip due to the weather.  The fish will bite in the heat, but they’re in the water and I’m not!

rodandreelWhat do you do when you just can’t go fishing and that’s where your mind set is?  This is a great time to look over ALL your equipment and make sure everything is in tip top shape.  If you’re serious about your fishing  you should be equally serious about how you maintain your tackle.  Following are just a few of the things I do when I can’t make it out for one reason or another:

  • Look over rods, make sure the guides are  in tack and straight. 
  • Clean the cork handles. 
  • Check the reels, make sure they are  thoroughly cleaned and lubricated (this is SO important)
  • Check the line, is it  frayed at all?  Cut off the first 5-6 feet if you do not intend to replace the entire spool. 
  • Look at the tackle and replace dull hooks. 

Please remember to take a kid fishing, bring along plenty of water or sports drinks to stay hydrated, and practice catch and realease.

Jim Coley/Broker

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