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GoFundMe for Country Club of Landfall Staff

In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence the outpouring of support, fundraising, and volunteering in the Wilmington community has been truly remarkable. The members of the Country Club of Landfall have come together and through a GoFundMe have been raising money for the CCL staff members. The idea started with two board members who then reached out to fellow Landfall members to start a fundraising campaign, define the needs, and disperse the funds. The GoFundMe went live at 8:00pm and within the first 12 hours an astonishing $12,000 were raised.

Many CLL members felt the need to help, so the committee received full approval from the CCL Board and sprang into action to help the CLL staff. The members were so eager to help the staff because many have a close relationship and think of each other more like family. The CLL staff members are always attentive and go the extra mile, which does not go unnoticed.

To date $99,000 have been raised for the CCL staff. The first round of funds were dispersed yesterday. Not only has the GoFundMe effort been successful, but many members have spent time and money feeding staff throughout the club, most notably, the dedicated golf and maintenance staff. Over 50-75 meals were prepared a day and delivered to the Golf Maintenance Shed where all helpers enjoyed well deserved break and meal.

The generosity and involvement throughout this whole process has been outstanding. The success of the GoFundMe campaign highlights the willingness and enthusiasm to help others in the community. The GoFundMe has been a great way to bring the whole Landfall community together for a worthy cause.

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