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Beach to Battleship Triathlon

Wilmington’s famous triathlon event is almost here! The Beach to Battleship full triathlon and half ironman take place October 17th. The race begins at Wrightsville Beach with the swimming portion, followed by biking through the town of Wilmington, and finally a run through downtown Wilmington, finishing at the boardwalk on the Cape Fear River.

Starting early Saturday morning at 7:30, the triathlon lasts all day. The event includes participants from the Wilmington area as well as contestants from all over the East Coast. These out of town contestants and their families are also beneficial to the community because they are bringing tourism and revenue to Wilmington.

Additionally, it’s exciting for Wilmington locals to support the participants during the day long triathlon by cheering them on. Whether it’s encouraging them at Wrightsville Beach for the morning swim, or holding signs for them as they complete the 56 or 112 mile bike ride, or joining the crowd at the finish line to cheer them to the end, the event is thrilling for everyone involved.

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