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Happy New Year!

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From all the Landfall Realty team, a Happy New Year to all our friends and clients.  2011 was a great year for Landfall Realty, highlighted by our move to much improved office facilities  adjacent to the Drysdale gate.   Despite the general housing malaise nationally, 2011 was a healthy year for the company, and we owe that to the support of Landfall residents and our many clients, in Landfall and throughout the country.  We anticiapte that even more people in 2012 will discover why Landfall is the perfect place to live!

North Carolina Moves Past Florida

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A few years ago, united Van Lines determined that, from its customer base, North Carolina was the top in-migration state in the US.  Landfall NC residents should find it interesting that the US Census Bureau in its recent American Community Survey reported that between 2003 and 2008, about 42,000 people migrated from Florida to North Carolina.  While those moving into and out of Florida are now about equal in number, there are far more people making NC their new residence than are moving from the state.  This interesting fact is just one of the reasons that property sales in Landfall doubled from 2009 to 2010 as the buying public recognized the value of a mature and financially sound development.

Forum Postcript, Part 3

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Continuing my summary recap of Landfall Realty’s recent Real Estate Forum held at Landfall Country Club, I called attention to some of the points made by Bob Seelert in his book  “Start With the Answer.”  Loosely stated, some of those points are:

1) Get the truth on the table, don’t pretend.

2) Establish standards and expectations based on a new reality.

3) Think long term; act short term.

4) Communicate with members of your own team.

5) Listen to and learn from your customers and peers.

These points are,  I believe, valuable in running any business.  However, they have particular validity in establishing a relationship between a real estate agent and a real estate customer.  In my next blog, I will expand upon these point in the context of selling and buying property in Landfall, NC.

Kenneth M. Kirkman, general manager, Landfall Realty

It’s Time for a Tackle Box Tune-up in Wilmington, NC

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As an avid angler living in Landfall, NC who fishes in all conditions, I sometimes do have to cancel a fishing trip due to the weather.  The fish will bite in the heat, but they’re in the water and I’m not!

rodandreelWhat do you do when you just can’t go fishing and that’s where your mind set is?  This is a great time to look over ALL your equipment and make sure everything is in tip top shape.  If you’re serious about your fishing  you should be equally serious about how you maintain your tackle.  Following are just a few of the things I do when I can’t make it out for one reason or another:

  • Look over rods, make sure the guides are  in tack and straight. 
  • Clean the cork handles. 
  • Check the reels, make sure they are  thoroughly cleaned and lubricated (this is SO important)
  • Check the line, is it  frayed at all?  Cut off the first 5-6 feet if you do not intend to replace the entire spool. 
  • Look at the tackle and replace dull hooks. 

Please remember to take a kid fishing, bring along plenty of water or sports drinks to stay hydrated, and practice catch and realease.

Jim Coley/Broker

The Economics of Golf

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With the current economic recession resulting in governments at all levels seeking new revenue sources, an examination of the economic impacts of golf in North Carolina is warranted.  According to Carolinas Golf, the Carolinas Golf Association magazine, there are about 558 golf courses in North Carolina, including those in Wilmington.  Those courses provide around 70,000 jobs and generate $1.7 billion in wages.

Surprisingly, the revenues of golf facilities (about $1.03 billion) is about equal to revenues generated by auto racing, football, basketball, baseball and soccer facilities combined.  It is no wonder that those involved in the golf industry are asking participants to contact their legislators with objections to proposals to tax those that play the game.

Real estate owners in Landfall NC know, golfers and non-golfers alike, how important golf is in our community, providing not only recreation, but beautiful open spaces as well.   The health and growth of the game benefits all of us.

Kenneth M. Kirkman

Buying a Boat

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I wanted to share some thoughts about boat buying.  I’ve been around boats most of my life, in fact my father used to tell me stories about going fishing with him while I was in a baby carrier.  It has been said that the two happiest days in your life are  the day you buy your boat and the day you sell it.  I can’t imagine owning real estate  in Wilmington, NC without a boat and I hope I never experience the latter part of that old adage.

I want to talk a little about an “all-around” boat, something you can fish inshore and on calm days head out on the ocean.  I would recommend something in the 17-19 foot range with a center console.  In today’s tough economic times a boat like this can be easily maintained at little cost.

19ft inshore boat

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When looking at boats, keep versatility in mind.  You might have a family that likes to water ski or go tubing and a boat like this will do the trick as well as being rigged as a fishing machine.  Also, keep freshwater fishing in mind as you can trailer it to some of our local rivers and lakes.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see folks make is buying a boat that is functional for their immediate need but which does not accommodate all their current and potential requirements.   Time, money and frustration could be saved by carefully looking at all potential current and future uses.

This is a great time to buy as  there are plenty of good used boats out there.  There are also terrific deals on new boats as well.  Just turn left out of the Eastwood Gate from Landfall NC and guess what?  Water galore!!

Remember to practice catch and release and, please, take a kid fishing!

Jim Coley/Broker

The Whole Enchilada!

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If you’re contemplating a move, let me share some of the many reasons you might want to consider the Wilmington NC area.  Wilmington is a small city, with all the benefits that brings, but also has about all the features you’d find in any large urban locale.  We have a wonderful donwtown that sits on the Cape Fear River, including  an historic district that offers a glimpse into our illustrious past.


Photo courtesy of Bellamy Mansion

 Then there are the beaches, all of them pristine and beautiful.  While we do have four season, we can continue to enjoy most of our favorite outdoor activities without a hibernation period.  Wilmington NC also has many venues for theater and the arts, as well as the benefit of our local college and university campuses, both of which offer cultural and educational learning opportunities.

Our own Landfall NC community is minutes away from Airlie Gardens, the New Hanover County Arboretum and Wrightsville Beach, as well as some of the best dining and shopping in southeast North Carolina.  A fully mature community, Landfall, with its unspoiled lakes and ponds, emerald green golf courses, conservation areas, and nature trails will continue to be, as it has been for twenty years,  a fantastic place to live.

Alison Bernhart

Country Club of Landfall, NC Summer Bash

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Country Club of Landfall’s Annual Summer Bash was also their 10th Anniversary Grand Finale and they pulled out all the stops for this one!  Several of our agents were in attendance and they vow they’ll never miss another one.  Two of them were gracious enough to fill us in on all the details.

Becky Spivey and her husband, Sean, were in attendance and both found themselves enjoying the various food stations scattered throughout the dining room, grill room and the outside tent.  Becky’s absolute favorite was the “ceviche” station.

Martie Davy and a group of her friends got together and even those who weren’t members were able to enjoy the events of the evening with easy check-in and tracking of fees posted directly to their own credit cards.  They were all impressed with the abundance and variety of food (no small feat since Martie is a fabulous cook herself), the shrimp and steaks were a hit with these folks.



Photo courtesy of Country Club of Landfall

Both Becky and Martie agree that the well over 500 guests who were kept well fed were also all very into the evening’s musical group and were getting down with “Party on the Moon,” the band that was featured at this event (and word has it that they’ll be the entertainment at the 10th Annual NHRMC Founder’s Gala on January 23, 2010).  No one wanted to be the first to leave and just about everyone danced til the last note was sung.  Sounds as though this Club event well might be the one all other Wilmington, NC events will be compared to in the future!

Landfall Advantages

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The bankruptcy this week of Crescent Resources LLC, one of the best of the high end real estate developers in the southeast and southwest, serves as a vivid reminder of how fortunate Landfall NC property owners are.  In these very difficult economic times,  living in an established community, where all the amenities are in place, where the community is mature, and where there is a stable association with a sufficient dues base to maintain the assets, is truly a blessing. 

Crescent is owned by Duke Energy and Morgan Stanley Real Estate Funds, so deep pockets do not make developing communities immune.   The list of developers of high quality projects that have either filed or have had bank intervention is  long, including companies owned in whole or in part by Bobby Ginn, Lyle Anderson and the Sandlers–a list of the “who’s who” of the upper end real estate developers just a year or so ago.

I wish for all of these companies and their communities a sound recovery, but their fate highlights the fact that Landfall is a special place.  Our problem of a slow market, while not ideal, is a problem thousands of home owners in other communities would love to face.    Our Landfall Realty sales associates emphasis to our prospects  the advantages of Landfall to those seeking a vibrant community that has no big “what ifs” getting in the way of a great lifestsyle.

Kenneth M. Kirkman

“Wettin a Hook”

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For those of us who like to “wet a hook” Wilmington NC is paradise found. We have some of the best salt and freshwater fishing this area has to offer. Just yesterday I awoke early, hooked the boat up and headed to Sutton Lake. Sutton Lake is the cooling facility for Progress Energy. The water stays warm year round and the Largemouth bass fishing is wonderful. The lake is located only 15 minutes from Landfall. What a treat to be able to get up early, catch a few fish and be back at the office by 9:00. Does life get any better? I was bragging to a friend this morning about my catch and he informed me he had an incredible morning catching speckled trout in some of our local saltwater bays. He had one trout that weighed over 8 lbs. That, my friend, is a “big one.”  I will continue to keep everyone posted on what is biting. In the mean time take a kid fishing and please practice catch and release.

Jim Coley