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Landfall Realty gives back


This past Saturday over 3000 runners gathered in Wilmington to participate in the 10th annual Wrightsville Beach Marathon. Landfall Realty has been volunteering for this incredible event since its inception, giving back to Wilmington and the Landfall community is important to us! Congratulations to all the sponsors, volunteers and most importantly the racers.

Battery Park at Landfall

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Battery Park 

Landfall’s newest Enclave featuring 24 new homes designed in a charming Southern Coastal Style and built by John Lancaster of Venture Homes Coastal Carolina, LLC, one of North Carolina’s and Wilmington’s most respected home builders. Strategically located near the Eastwood gate, homeowners have a quick access to Wrightsville Beach. With seven of its 24 homes overlooking the Pete Dye signature course. Article and additional pictures can be found in this months Landfall Living magazine.







HGTV’s 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

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When it comes to New Years Resolutions everyone thinks to make resolutions for themselves, but what about your home? HGTV has come up with 5 resolutions to follow in 2019 that will keep your home organized, clean, and ready for the spontaneous summer cookout.

  1. Streamline the Stuff

One of the least expensive ways to improve your home is to get rid of the clutter. Clear out the cabinets and drawers of the extra stuff that you do not need and utilize the extra space to get organized. Also, this a good time to donate any old clothes you no longer wear to make room for the new clothes you have received during Christmas.

  1. Make it Safe and Sound

When it comes to home improvement people often think of remodeling and organizing, but keeping your home safe is another important task. Check for radon in your house and purchase a carbon monoxide detector, both of these will prevent adverse health affects, potentially even death, that is caused by these clear odorless gases. You can even make small improvements by removing the lint from the dryer every time you run it.

  1. Shrink Your Bills

You can save money on energy bills by turning your heat down while you sleep at night, installing LED light bulbs, only run the washing machine when you have a full load, and water your yard less.

  1. Work Out a Weekly System for Keeping Your House Clean

When you clean your house often you can keep the mess manageable and it will be not be as big of process every time you clean. A few tips HGTV recommends include, place your dirty dishes in the dishwasher every night, focus on one type of cleaning at a time (ex: dusting, cleaning windows, vacuuming), keep all of your cleaning products in a portable carryall that you can bring with you from room to room.

  1. Get Your Place Ready for Entertaining

An inexpensive way to make your home appear more finished is to add plants to a room, they bring in new energy and are great decorations. Additionally, adding a new accent color can freshen up a room.

For more on these 2019 resolutions for your home visit HGTV’s article,


Landfall Realty’s Hurricane Florence Update

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Thanks to all our dedicated Homeowners’ Association staff, Landfall is well on its way to recovering from Hurricane Florence. Workers predict that all tree debris removal should be completed within the next 3 weeks. The benefits of being a self-contained community resulted in a quick recovery as our COA began immediate clean-up efforts. Flooding in Landfall was restricted to streets that had clogged storm drains and not from storm surge or breach of Wrightsville Beach or other barrier islands. Many Landfall residents stayed in their homes sharing their generated power with neighbors, and almost everyone else has now returned home. Communication with our owners before, during and after the storm from our COA by email and phone messages has been and continues to be outstanding. All Landfall property owners had power within 48 hours after the peak of the storm, and internet services were restored shortly thereafter. Dozens of Landfall residents have volunteered to feed and care for visiting responders at various locations around Wilmington. Spirits are high with an outpouring of good will towards the rest of our less fortunate neighbors throughout other areas of North Carolina and South Carolina.

We at Landfall Realty are back in the office, working with our customers to facilitate transactions that were pending at the time of the storm. We are also ready to help our existing clients with any issues they may have relating to their Landfall properties and homes. We feel truly blessed to live and work in a community so well organized and funded that was proven to be relatively safe from tidal waters.

Championship Golf Courses at Landfall

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Gorgeous golf courses are one of the best parts about living in Landfall. 45 holes of championship golf designed by the legendary Pete Dye and Jack Nicklaus make Landfall stand out as a premier gated community. With breathtaking views of the Intracoastal Waterway, marshlands, and numerous lakes along the way, these golf courses are picturesque. Adding to the experience are the two clubhouses, which serve lunch, dinner, and host frequent events.

There are numerous exciting golf tournaments coming up at the Country Club of Landfall. This Friday is the Men’s One-Day Member Guest, which is being played on the Nicklaus Course. Then, in September there is the Men’s Senior and Super Senior Club Championship on the 8th and 9th, Men’s Ryder Cup on the 15th and 16th, Ladies’ Club, Senior Club, and Net Club Championships on the 19th and 20th, and the Couples Club Championship on the 29th and 30th. Finally, on October 1st the Men’s Scratch Match Play Championship is taking place.

Summer Camps for Kids at Landfall

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Young families make up a large portion of Landfall’s residents and the Country Club of Landfall’s members. With the school year ending, the Country Club of Landfall offers numerous programs for the kids to keep them active and entertained all summer. One of the most popular is Camp Landfall. The camp offers 4 sessions throughout the summer to fit around your schedule and vacations. Camp Landfall is Monday thru Friday from 9am until 3pm for ages 6 and up. Activities during the day include group games, water fights, swimming, theater shows, outdoor planting projects, and exciting field trips. Additionally, there is a Junior Camp Landfall for children ages 3-5 years old. This camp also lasts Monday thru Friday but starts at 9am and ends at 12pm. The Junior Camp Landfall has educational and play activities, walks to the park, circle time, arts and crafts, stories, snacks, and more.

Also, there are golf and tennis camps all summer, which you can find out more about by contacting the golf shops or Sports Center. Then on June 13-17 from 9am until 3pm the Country Club of Landfall has a Star Quest Space Camp where attendees will learns about the solar system and participate in hands on experiments. Beginning June 21st there every Tuesday-Thursday from 1:30-3:30pm there will be cooking and crafting classes offered. For all the kids who love to swim there is a Specialty Mermaid Camp being offered for two sessions. This morning camp includes crafts, learning about the ocean, and swimming. To sign up for any of the camps call the County Club of Landfall.

Landfall Realty Real Estate Forum

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Tomorrow, February 9, is the Landfall Realty Real Estate Forum. Starting at 5:00pm, the forum will be hosted by Landfall Realty General Manager, Ken Kirkman at the Country Club of Landfall. Ken will be giving an update of the real estate market in Landfall, Wilmington, and the surrounding area. All property members and club owners are welcome to attend and have their questions answered. Complimentary beer, wine, and cheese will be provided by, Landfall Realty and Chris Hutchens of Guaranteed Rate.

Ken Kirkman speaking at the Country Club of Landfall

Ken Kirkman speaking at the Country Club of Landfall

Spring Cleaning

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The Second Most Important Thing in Real Estate

A 12 Step Program

  • Power Wash Porches, decks, walkways, get rid of the winter’s worth of mold, mildew and dirt
  • Clean kitchen thoroughly including cabinets, use Old English scratch cover if they are wood, touch up with paint any gashes or marks
  • De-Clutter all rooms, and put away most of the knick-knacks and personal items
  • Clean and organize the garage
  • Clean out closets and organize, make your shelves look like the shelves at your favorite department store, line up sweaters, sweatshirts and T shirts
  • Throw out and donate excess closing, kitchen gadgets, and old unused furniture in attic, Habitat, Salvation Army, and Domestic Violence Shelter will take anything
  • Repaint the front door if necessary
  • Freshen up mulch beds, add flowers at front door
  • Vacuum wood and other blinds and shutters, special attention to ceiling fan blades
  • Clean out the refrigerator, ovens and microwave
  • Change filters in HVAC returns
  • Put fresh towels in all bathrooms, clean out the grout lines if the tile is older, hire a tile man if you can’t do it yourself.

Discover the Landfall Experience

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Located along the beautiful coastline of Wilmington, North Carolina, Landfall is a community that truly has it all. From gated-access luxury homes and championship golf courses to social fundraising events and country club enjoyment, Landfall is the premier residential community on the East Coast. Discover the Landfall experience and join the legacy with Landfall Realty today!

Happy New Year from Landfall Realty!

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All of us at Landfall Realty wish everyone in Landfall and elsewhere a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2013.   We at Landfall Realty have been blessed with a recovering real estate market in 2012, with sales up and interest increasing.   Even better, we see no reason that 2013 will not be even better!  We already have our first sale of the year.

Many thanks to those Landfall residents who have utilized our services over the many years during which we have been fortunate enough to provide specialized sales and marketing expertise to Landfall.  And thanks to all those residents who recognize that we are a great source of information about Landfall, even if one is not involved in a purchase or a sale.  As we continue to participate in many Landfall functions throughout the year, we look forward to continued interaction with our friends and neighbors.

If you haven’t visited our new offices by the Drysdale gate, stop in, We always enjoy a quick visit from our friends.